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The Baptist Hymnal (1991)
Orchestra Edition

The Baptist Hymnal

We feature fully orchestrated arrangements of hymns from The Baptist Hymnal (1991 Edition). MIDI Marvels is producing the entire hymnal in thirds. Currently, two-thirds of the hymnal are complete, providing high-quality accompaniment to churches at about $1.50 per song! If you prefer, you can purchase
Individual MIDI Discs (on CD-ROM) or Individual CDs (compact audio discs).


Samples--The following audio samples are produced by playing the MIDI data through high-end MIDI equipment. This is what the CDs will sound like. These CDs can be played through your church, home or car sound system.

The following is a video sample of sound quality and lyrics projection (lyr. proj. available with MIDI)

Audio Samples                                                      

Because He Lives

It is Well With My Soul

The Lords Prayer

MIDI Samples--The following are samples (the actual MIDI data) from The Baptist Hymnal. If you would like to hear how they sound on you MIDI equipment, use your mouse to right click on the hymn title and "Save Target As" to a disk that plays in your equipment. If you just click on the link, your computer's default MIDI player will play them through your computer's sound card. Keep in mind that what you are hearing is a data file...only as good as the sound card they are being played through.

Day by Day
Fairest Lord Jesus
Great Is the Lord
He Hideth My Soul
Heavenly Sunlight
Love Is the Theme
We've a Story to Tell

Each fully orchestrated hymn features horns, strings, flutes, trumpets, oboe, clarinets, trombones, timpani, snare, bells, and more, plus piano and organ. These hymns are antiphonally rich, and can be played to enhance your current orchestra or be accompaniment in and of themselves.

The project of orchestrating The Baptist Hymnal (1991 edition) was directed by Camp Kirkland. There were 46 arrangers, including Don Marsh, Ron Blount, Dennis Allen, David Thomas, Larry Mayfield, Steve Dunn, Mark Hayes, Bruce Greer, and Billy Payne. They set to work with the following philosophy:

The Brass instruments are the "core" to the body of instrumental sound, playing the melody and basic harmony the majority of the time. Though the trumpets, French horn, and trombones play the part functions of the soprano, alto, tenor, and bass, they have not been adapted note for note from the hymn. There is musical interest created using idiomatic embellishments, passing tones, countermelodies, and fanfare style of chord repetition.

The Woodwinds and Strings have both been arranged as a family group of instruments to add specific color and interest to the overall sound of the orchestrations. All of the arrangements are built around the Brass "core." Should you wish the Brass "core" to be tacet during a particular verse, the keyboard instruments can cover the basic melody and harmony with the Strings and Woodwinds adding the color.

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The Baptist Hymnal CD

The Baptist Hymnal MIDI


*Part 3B (hymn #521-666) release date June. 2015


The Baptist Hymnal (1991 Edition)

Part One
Hymns 2-219* are featured in Part One of The Baptist Hymnal. Part One includes the Easter and Christmas sections of the hymnal.

Order Part One


Part Two
Hymns 220-442* are featured in part Two of The Baptist Hymnal.

Order Part Two


Part Three (A & B)

Hymns 443-666* are featured in part Three of The Baptist Hymnal.
Available now, Part Three A, Hymns 443-521
Due to be released in the June 2015, Part Three features hymns 522-666*.


*Note: Due to copyright restrictions, songs for which Maranatha! owns the copyright are not included. That includes a total of eight songs in the entire hymnal.


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